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Emotional Illiteracy !!!

“A 25-year-old chartered accountant who was allegedly tortured and murdered by her husband’s family returned to her parents’ home at least 20 times, only to be sent back, Several times. Dibya Cheran cried to her parents and brother, who thought things would ultimately get better for her.”

It was a news in media for a while and then it was forgotten by society and media though not by the family :-(. This is one random case I picked out of many Deaths, suicides or killings that are happening. And all these kind of deaths are not so new in our so called developing society.

We, as a society are making good progress towards achieving good literacy rates, women empowerment, and attitudinal changes on gender equality. All these changes are good to see in the society however the most important factor that has to be taught is about EQ along with IQ. We should learn and teach what is Emotional quotient.

Started wondering how is emotional quotient and the deaths or suicides are related?

You know what do I mean by emotional quotient!! Lets put it this way, we can achieve heights, we can be good at academics, we can be good at many other skills but what is the point when we don’t understand our own feelings, when we don’t have empathy, when we don’t know how to self evaluate ourself, when we don’t know how to express our feelings, and when we don’t know how to stand for ourself. We should always know how to deal with ourself or how to treat others or how to balance ourself. Success or failure is a relative measure. Also depends on your hard work and many other factors but the most important and invisible thing is how we deal with our emotions when you are at success or when you face failure. All these eventually will make you a better person. We should know, understand and learn to be a emotionally balanced person.

Also we need to be aware that all the emotions we carry are interlinked. If we are emotionally stable we would be able to think about being empathetic. If one is empathetic about other we tend to commit less mistakes towards other and we will be open to understand others or we will be able to understand what others are going through.

Our progress towards literacy rates and many other factors are significantly changing over time. Why not strive to teach about emotions! We need education about emotional independence, emotional stability.

Being educated literate is different from emotional literate. Give a thought.

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P.S: This case is taken as just one example and this is not to hurt anyone’s feelings its just an attempt to explain what one could have felt at such situations and how in long term such situations can be eradicated.