Tooth ache == Heart ache

2 min readJun 17, 2021


I recently realised all our aches are interlinked. I mean they are interlinked and similar but not same. Suppose you have a tooth ache, what is the pain you would face is similar to the pain you would face to your heart when you are hurt. The reasons of getting hurt to heart or tooth can be because of multiple things however the pain is similar.

Say you have a tooth pain, what is the first thing you would want to do? Go to meet a doctor and get checked. They do x-ray and analyse what is the reason for the pain. If it is something external they would say use some medicine and you should be fine in few days. If it is something internal they would say get the root canal done. Which means you are numbing the root, closing it with a cement and getting a new tooth on top of the old one. You are lucky enough if the new tooth fits you and adjusts in the place.

If we think of the same process to the pain that we experience to our hearts then its pretty similar. Analyse why it is hurt and try to solve by talking or sharing or venting it out to some close friend who acts like a doctor. Their words might be the medicine and if that works better then we get much better.

If the pain is deep then its better to replace the one that hurt us with the new one and test our luck if that new one fits into our life and can vanish the pain forever or continue to be the new ache we created ourself by replacing.

Thats why i would like to call it as “Luck”. I hope all the roots are cleared and the pain is vanished forever.