What is 2020?

It would have just been an year if there isn’t a pandemic. It is going to be historical year now. Now it has got its own significance in many ways.

The significance here is that from now on we should consider everything as before 2020 and after 2020. We are shaken by the pandemic. We are been locked up in our own houses for weeks.

2020 taught us “the value of mother earth”, “our economy”, “our helpless governments”, “our family situations “, “our mental stability “, “our humanity” and many more.

We are slapped by mother earth because of the pandemic. We post,share and talk about world environment day or pollution day or so and so days but now We had been repeatedly warned about the changes in environment and changes in ecology, changes in climate but none were taken seriously. And the Manual mode is put to off and mother earth took control of its own planet and started to make it better.

We are slapped by our leaders because of the pandemic. Every five years once we are remembered by our beloved leaders. And we are so generous that we forgive everything and just wait for that some perks what they throw and we make them win. What help did we get and how many lives were taken seriously and were helped during this situation?

We are slapped by our financial situations because of this pandemic. Many lost their incomes, their jobs and their business is at stake. Our financial system is so vulnerable that we are now not worried about the virus attack but more worried about the financial attacks.

We are slapped on our humanity and ethics because of the pandemic. Only few took steps to help the needy in this situations. And majority of the ones who helped made sure they had their logos on the things they were giving, some were busy taking pics about the help they are doing so that they can post in social media. Is that all we can do ??

At the end what did we learn. Nothing. Just nothing and we are all set to face multiple waves and more vulnerable society.



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